Monday Post: Weekend Musings

Monday, March 18

001. Since it was Comic relief this weekend i did my part by buying the TK Maxx tshirt and these little dinosaur noses. How cute are they? Probably the best noses yet? I like dinosaurs. Very much. 

002. The boy is home for Easter at the minute so on Sunday we took a little shopping trip to a local outlet place. He brought shirts and ties, i brought a McDonald's. I'm trying not to spend my money on things i don't need/ really want, hence why i only brought food. I needed/wanted the food!

003. I think i have the most docile dog on the planet. I dressed him up on Saturday afternoon while he was sat on my lap. He quite happily sat there and let us make him look silly and take photos. I think he likes the attention. Poser!

004. My original plan for Sunday was to go to the local horse event, but since it chukced it down we decided against it. So instead, Sunday evening we popped to the cinema to see the new Jason Statham film, Parker.The boy has wanted to see it ever since the advert caught his beady little eyes. He loves Statham's films. I do too, but for very different reasons ;) Plus you can buy big bags of magic stars at the cinema so how could we not?

005. Speaking of the boy. We finally decided what we are doing for our holiday this year. We are going to travel our way through Scotland. I've always wanted to go and since we like to be active we thought instead of staying in one place we would find some dog friendly B&B's, pack up the car, bring Grizzle with us and have a little tour around. I'm Excited! Does anyone have any Scotland recommendations?

006. Why oh why is Google getting rid of reader? I couldn't be more annoyed at this news. I feel like i'll be starting all over again with blogs. I better dust off my bloglovin account! If you want to continue to follow me i'll leave you some links at the bottom. Speaking of links, i'm on the look out for someone who can point me in the direction of those little blog buttons? 

007. I have another weekend away at the end of the week. The boy and I are going to Norfolk with his parents. The first time of the year and i'm hoping the weather will sort it's hissy fits out by then. I love Norfolk. It's such a happy place for me! 

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  1. I love your roses, the yellow is beautiful. Oh! A Scotland trip! I am from Scotland! I am happy to give tips! It is so beautiful here, cold though...

    E x



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