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Tuesday, March 5

 I haven't done one of these for a while. 
Here's whats been going on around here, with a little help from my iphone. 

I bit the bullet and parted my hard earned cash. Am i looking at the answer to all my tanning prayers? Or have i spent a wad of cash on a fancy bottle of nothingness? I have yet to see, so until then i will admire the pretty packaging. 

Grizzle took alot of naps and i played around with my new app. Its embarrassing how long i wanted to put hearts on photos! 

I brought a new onesie. (Note. If you enter a Chinese with 5 of your closest friends wearing these you WILL get free stuff! Well... You might not but we did, along with some very funny looks and two very scared children. ) 

Which quickly escalated into this... 
If anyone interested, Grizzle bit my head trying to pull the foxes nose off. 
He won.
This round. 

I made a commitment to get back to this fitness and being able to do the splits again by the end of the year.

I got a text from Dexter the dog in London, who was enjoying his mini break with his owner at the Hilton Hotel. 

Me and this fellow played in the garden.

I did some shopping..

And ate far to many of these.. 

With one very cheeky Border edging closer and closer every time i blinked.

What have you been doing lately?

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