A weekend away from it all.

Wednesday, March 27

We all have a happy place.
Somewhere that only holds good memories and that you can escape too when everything goes wrong. 
Norfolk is my happy place.

I had already planned to go to Norfolk this weekend just gone but after receiving some pretty bad news there was no where in the world i wanted to be more than in this little house by the sea.

 A home away from home. The chap in charge of this place is the most genuinely lovely and humbling person i have ever met. He's become a good friend to us all and makes everyone feel welcome and then some! The only thing about the cottage itself is that no dogs are allowed. Judging by the white carpets i can see why but i did miss having Grizzle here with me. 
This is the place to go for somewhere to stay in Norfolk.
Waking up and seeing the sea behind those hills was such a great feeling of freedom. I could finally breathe a sign of relief that the world couldn't find me for a few days. 

 The sun made an appearance but it didn't really do anything to help the weather. It was bitterly cold and the wind was horrendous. Sadly we couldn't walk to the pier this time for fear of being blown away and catching frost bite!
The boy admired the architecture of these buildings. It's embarrassing how much we talk about building work! You can take the QS out of the office.. and all that! 
After the cobwebs had thoroughly been swept away we made our way to Holt for dinner in Byfords. Which is an amazing place if you can get in. I would avoid at bank Holidays though if you can because they normally have cues out the door to get in here. It's also been known to host a few famous people and is a favorite for visiting Londoner's in the summer. Since it wasn't anywhere near peak time we got a table by the fire and enjoyed an hour or two of peace...and a cup of tea or two.
Once our noses had started to defrost we took the coastal route to Wells to pay Rambo a visit..
His names not really Rambo. I just like to call him that! He lives in the field along the roads that cut off down to the beach, and has been here ever since i can remember. 
He's a handsome boy who always comes over when he hears someone stop for him. In the summer children pet him by the duck pond and feed on the ice cream truck that is always parked here. 

Normally i bring him food but i forgot.
..so he tried to eat my scarf instead. 

As you can see the wind really didn't want to play ball! 
Tweed Jacket - Joules | Scarf - Burberry | Jumper - Ralph Lauren

Obviously i couldn't not treat myself to something..

 Every time i leave this place my heart feels a little empty. 
One day i'll retire here to my little country cottage on the hills over looking the sea and the fields. My dogs running around with children and grand children. Spending my days baking and looking after my horses..
Do you have a happy place? Where is it?

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  1. i love norfolk, i have family there so i know holt and wells!
    byfords is lush, especially after a cold walk and rambo is such a cutie

  2. Pretty pictures, what camera did you use?




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