Little Snippets

Monday, February 18

001. Has anyone noticed the tumble weeds passing through this page lately? Sorry about that. Lets face it, i'm a women and a tad indecisive. Sometimes it will be like around here. 

002. The weather went a bit mad last week. Rain, Snow, blazing sunshine, all within a few days? Atleast the sunshine looks like it's sticking around, i'm so tired of it being cold that i'm refusing to by anything winter related anymore. Spring needs to get springing already!

003. With the very welcome sunshine over the weekend i have set to making plans for the summer months. So far i have alot to look forward to and squeeze in! 

004. This weekend i had a lovely meal in Lincoln at the Electric bar. If you're in the area i would 100% recommend it. Take a fair bit of cash, get dressed up and make sure to book a table!

005. What did you all do for valentines day? Is everybody over it/bored of hearing about it now? Since The boy wasn't here, I had a romantic evening with myself getting my hair done and relaxing in the bath. Which i didn't mind one bit! 

006. I've been falling over myself laughing at videos like this. Admit it, you laughed too! 

007. Oh i'm also getting excited about this

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  1. Love the picture. Looks like a perfect night in. :)

    Your latest follower, Lauren x



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