Last of the Snow

Friday, February 1

 Finally it's all gone. 
The snow has disappeared, the weather is warming and everybody is looking forward to spring. I for one am bloody well glad that the last of the slush has left the roads. 
Last week i took a long weekend and spent the day with Grizzle.
We took a long walk to visit friends and patrol the area.

Walking over this thing with a dog under my arms, trying not to slip was genuinely terrifying. That's not snow there people its block of pure ice! 

Down the lane there are two little dogs. I call them Mac & Cheese (I have no idea what there real names are because i have never seen their owners). They live outside all year round in a little pink doghouse. 
Grizzle likes to check in on them every now and then.
This is Mac..

Cheese is a chihuahua, he's very shy though and only sticks around a few seconds before running away again. 
Grizzle also likes to see the horses. 
They are fascinated with him. He's not to bothered about them. 

We did come across a suspicious looking snowman..

..Grizzle did not like the look of it.
Infact he barked and danced around so much that i had to pull him away.

We cut our walk short when a bird scarer in the neighboring field started to freak Grizzle out. 
He likes to carry his own lead home. 
Yes he walks like this as soon as he knows he is going back.
Seriously. All the way.

Finally back home.
Time to warm our toes in front of the fire with a cup of tea and trashy day time telly!

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