Hair Care 101

Wednesday, February 20

I've got to be the worse person when it comes to hair, like ever!
I wash my hair once a week, maybe twice if it's lucky. 
Yes i know, chop off my hair and ask me how i was ever a hairdresser. 
The truth is though, you shouldn't wash your hair more than absolutely necessary, because you end up washing away all of the natural oils that help your hair. 
Now while i will pretend that this is the real reason for my laziness and not that i actually can't be bothered with it most the time and that when i do wash it i end up with flat hair for three days, i will tell you about the products i have been using the past few months. 

First off, i will admit that there is nothing better than giving your hair a good scrub with some lovely foaminess of delicious scent. That's were John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine Shampoo comes in. Why did i buy this? Because after years of dying my hair bleach blonde and having no shine i longed for the silky, shininess of brunette hair and have forever been on the quest to transform my locks. 3 years later and i have finally found a shampoo that gives me a head start in the shine Olympics. It's also worth noting that even if this did nothing it was meant to i would still buy it. Just to sniff. As you do. 

After i've shampooed my hair twice (that's the hairdresser in me for you) i pull out my next secret weapon. Aussie Miracle Shine 3 Minute Miracle. Aussie have been my high street friends for years, we have a relationship spanning through the ranges but never have i found something i love more than this little bottle of sunshine. Okay, let's face it, it claims to give you the earth in shiny, sun reflecting hair but with anything you buy, let's get real for a minute. You're hair wont be so shiny that you're friends will need sunglasses BUT it does make it noticeably shinier, softer and all round better than it did before. You could leave this on for 3 minutes like it tells you too or, like me, you could wrap it in clingfilm, put on a shower cap and lay in the bath for an hour watching My Mad Fat Dairy on some form of ipad. The latter is much more fun!

I've been growing my hair since i was 14. It's only when i went darker that my hair stopped snapping and actually started to get somewhere, which made me over compensate on the good stuff. I always put conditioner on after my treatment and rinse it again in cold water. I'm using my shampoo's other half, which like any good relationship, work perfectly together and always leave people with a smile on their faces. Speaking of over compensating. Despite using far more than is needed because the smell is like a drug, i still have my trusty little Milk Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream which i have already expressed my love for here.

An old favourite of mine is this pure Argan Oil which i brought from the salon i used to work in. 3 Years ago. It's lasted me 3 years. The writing has worn away and i've lost the lid but this little bottle just keeps on chugging along on it's daily task to make my hair a little better. 
I would give you the link but i can't seem to find it so check your local salons for something similar.

The newest addition to my collection is this little bottle of Frizz ease hair serum. I run this through the ends when my hair is still wet and onto my extensions before i use them. It does a good job at smoothing the edges and making any split ends look a little more tamed.
While i'm talking about split ends here's a bit of advice that nobody ever tells you. 
Did you know that you physically can't fix split ends, you can temporarily mask them, smooth them down and hide them a little but no product will get rid of them. The only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off. 

Little Snippets

Monday, February 18

001. Has anyone noticed the tumble weeds passing through this page lately? Sorry about that. Lets face it, i'm a women and a tad indecisive. Sometimes it will be like around here. 

002. The weather went a bit mad last week. Rain, Snow, blazing sunshine, all within a few days? Atleast the sunshine looks like it's sticking around, i'm so tired of it being cold that i'm refusing to by anything winter related anymore. Spring needs to get springing already!

003. With the very welcome sunshine over the weekend i have set to making plans for the summer months. So far i have alot to look forward to and squeeze in! 

004. This weekend i had a lovely meal in Lincoln at the Electric bar. If you're in the area i would 100% recommend it. Take a fair bit of cash, get dressed up and make sure to book a table!

005. What did you all do for valentines day? Is everybody over it/bored of hearing about it now? Since The boy wasn't here, I had a romantic evening with myself getting my hair done and relaxing in the bath. Which i didn't mind one bit! 

006. I've been falling over myself laughing at videos like this. Admit it, you laughed too! 

007. Oh i'm also getting excited about this

The Londoner's Slutty Brownies

Wednesday, February 6

 As far as gloriously slutty treats go, this one is the best!
When i came upon this food porn treat on Rosie's Blog i knew that i one day had to get my hands on the little devil. 
So here is my, slightly-less-pretty-and-perfect-but-still-tasted-amazing, version of Slutty brownies..

 You will need..
1 Packet of Cookie mix
1 Packet of Brownie mix
A pack of Oreo's, or two if you have a large bowl..which i did not!
Oil, eggs or anything else your packets need. (This Varies)

Pre-heat the ovan and line your baking tray with grease proof paper. 
Make your cookie mix in a bowl, i used chocolate chip just to make it more choco-tastic, but you can use ordinary. 
A great tip from Rosie is too add a little more oil/water than it says. I just went with what i thought during stirring for this to make it more moist. 

Now the fun part..
Squidge that cookie dough!
..into the baking tray. 

Then cover this with Oreos

Make your brownie mix next and cover your Oreos in a delicious blanket of brownie goodness..

Pop in the ovan and bake for 30 minutes.
Grab your self a cuppa and wait for the chocolaty smell to insight your senses. 

When your done leave to cool a little before transferring to a cooling rack.
Cut. Eat. Enjoy.

...Or you could read TheLondoners version. Which is much more informative and offers better cooking skills. 

Last of the Snow

Friday, February 1

 Finally it's all gone. 
The snow has disappeared, the weather is warming and everybody is looking forward to spring. I for one am bloody well glad that the last of the slush has left the roads. 
Last week i took a long weekend and spent the day with Grizzle.
We took a long walk to visit friends and patrol the area.

Walking over this thing with a dog under my arms, trying not to slip was genuinely terrifying. That's not snow there people its block of pure ice! 

Down the lane there are two little dogs. I call them Mac & Cheese (I have no idea what there real names are because i have never seen their owners). They live outside all year round in a little pink doghouse. 
Grizzle likes to check in on them every now and then.
This is Mac..

Cheese is a chihuahua, he's very shy though and only sticks around a few seconds before running away again. 
Grizzle also likes to see the horses. 
They are fascinated with him. He's not to bothered about them. 

We did come across a suspicious looking snowman..

..Grizzle did not like the look of it.
Infact he barked and danced around so much that i had to pull him away.

We cut our walk short when a bird scarer in the neighboring field started to freak Grizzle out. 
He likes to carry his own lead home. 
Yes he walks like this as soon as he knows he is going back.
Seriously. All the way.

Finally back home.
Time to warm our toes in front of the fire with a cup of tea and trashy day time telly!

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