The Big 2012 Send Off

Wednesday, January 2

Apparently my account decided to have a little break over Christmas as well as i did, so this post was scheduled for a few days ago but since it didn't pan out i'll post it now. Hope you don't mind. 

It's that time of year again.
Christmas is over, the presents have been opened, we are all getting a tad sick of the taste of turkey, we survived 'the end of the world' and plans are being made for the big send off of 2012. 
I've had such a busy year and when i look back i can't quite believe how quickly it all went. It doesn't seem like 6 months ago that it was my birthday and it certainly doesn't seem like a year since me and the boy bundled in the car for our night away for New years. 

January 2012
This whole month flew by in a blur of trying to save some cash after the dent the holidays had made in my bank account, but oh boy was it worth it! Me and the boy went down to Luton to see in the new year. At the time he was living there temporarily while he commuted for his year out of uni. We met some lovely new people and had an amazing time, dancing the night away in a drunk haze and finally nodding off around 5am. 

February 2012
Not alot happened this month. It was valentines day of course. Me and the boy exchanged cards and gifts and went for a few drinks. We aren't really valentines day kind of people so didn't make a massive deal of it. I also did something that i had wanted to do for a while, I got two new piercings. I wont tell you where but lets just say having a bar put through each of these things is neither painless like i was wrongly told or fun when the whole tattoo parlor can hear you scream. BUT. I love the end result and i'm so happy that i got them done. My friend A went with me to hold my hand and scare herself out of doing the same thing.

March 2012
Was the month that we went to Centre parcs for a long weekend. We spent four days in a log cabin watching squirrels steal bread right from our hands, swimming in one of the most amazing indoors pools i have ever experience in this country, taking long walks around the woods and cosying up in front of the fire watching Sex and the City movies with a glass of wine and fluffy socks. 

April 2012 
The 10th of April was the boy and i's 2 year anniversary. It fell over the four day weekend so we had a lovely long time to celebrate it. I also booked our holiday for the summer! We were off to Tenerife for a week of sun, sea and swimming.

May 2012 
We spent most of this month in Norfolk. Mostly every weekend we were living like caravan folk and enjoying being able to walk on the beach every morning. I love Norfolk, it's such a beautiful place and perfect for people who love the outdoors like we do! 

June 2012
Ah June my favourite month of the year! I had a massively hectic month as always. First we had the queens diamond Jubilee, we spent the weekend in Norfolk again, Grizzle loved meeting loads of other doggy's and a friendly cow or two. He sported his patriotic bandanna the whole weekend. Next it was my 21st! This year me and the boy had a joint 21st birthday in his parents garden. He was born three days after me so our birthdays all come at once. His parents very kindly set up a marquee in the garden and a big inflatable slide. The whole evening was a hit and i had a very very happy June!

 Grizzle met a nice cow. I don't think he understood why it tried to lick him through the fence so..

he got bored and thought eating the grass would be more interesting.

July 2012 
T4 ON THE BEACH! Pretty much sums up the highlight of the month. Me and A drove the 5 hours down to Weston Super Mare to party with some of the great music names of 2012. Just as we arrived it started to chuck it down with rain and i really thought that it was going to be a disaster, but positive thinking payed off and the sun made an appearance just as the first singers started to belt out tunes. It stuck around the entire day and made the whole experience even better. Me and A danced all day and then dragged our tired feet back to the car, after waiting in traffic for 2 hours just to get out of WSM we then had a very long journey home, all in all it took us 8 hours to get home, so my advice would be NEVER to drive to T4 on the beach. Other than that we had an amazing time and certain songs still take me back to us bobbing on the beach in our bright wellies and flower crowns. 

Also in July me and the boy went on holiday. We spent a week baking by the pool in Tenerife, eating all we could manage and wondering around the markets and beaches. We took a quad bike day trip up into the mountains and a day cruise to see the whales. Both were such lovely days and i'm so glad we got to go. Our hotel was a lovely 5 star one and the whole week was amazing. I was very sad to be coming home..

August 2012
In August we went to Humber Bridge to watch the water skiing competition. Grizzle didn't come with because amongst other things, he's not keen on the water anyway...

These guys how ever..

The other three dogs that joined us love the water and quite happily bounced in and out. Splashing and trying to chase the boat every time it went out. They also liked to play fight and pull funny faces..

September 2012
September meant one thing.. Burghley horse trials! I've been a horse person since i was 3 and i never miss this event, it's held in Stamford and is such a lovely place to be. We were going to spend the weekend this year but left it too late to book and ended up just going for a day instead, next year maybe we will get ourselves sorted early enough. 

 I also went to see JLS in concert. There were a fair few of us so we all had a lovely evening chilling on the grass in the sunshine and then the stars listening to the boys sing and popping some moves. 

October 2012
HALLOWEEN. You should know this since i went on about it enough. I went out with a big group of people but the boys made the evening really. All of them dressed up as women and went full hog with it too! I on the other hand donned a leather cat suit and unleashed my inner catwomen! 

November 2012
For bonfire night me, the boy and his family went to the local rugby club to watch the fireworks go off. We trudged through the mud and thanked god that we had been sensible enough to wear our wellies. After the fireworks had sizzled away into the night sky we had drinks in the bar until we finally called it a night and headed home. 
I also went to see Lionel Richie this month in Sheffield. It was a lovely weekend with lots of nice food and the show was brilliant. Lionel really knew how to get the crowd going! But the highlight of the month for me was getting to go to my first masquerade ball. Everyone in pretty dresses and flamboyant masks, eating great food, raising money for charity and dancing the night away.

December 2012
Well I think everyone's December has been pretty much the same. Filled with Presents, too much food, family gatherings and drinking mulled wine until we are lapsed into a coma. Seeing the new year off with a hit is the main event now! 2012 you have been good to me so i shall see you off with a party fit for a king and welcome in 2013 like an old friend. 

Have a brilliant New Year everyone! 

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