Friday, January 18

I've been hibernating.
Well not quite. I've still had to be at work every day despite the snow showers. Living so close to a direct route does have it's disadvantages, no getting lost in the sea of snow for me!
I have a very short attention span when it comes to snow. I love it for about two days if i'm allowed to play in it and then i grow tired of our relationship and my head wonders away to warm days sipping pimms near a BBQ. 

Grizzle on the other hand, is still in his first love flurry of excitement and happily bounds around any chance he can get. He skids on the ice, he ends up with snow in his eyes but he doesn't care, the snow is new and exciting and he just adores it! 

I much prefer to spend my evenings like this..

Since i don't use my TT for work i stupidly left it outside for three days, slowly letting the snow build up, then turning to ice, then being snowed on again, until my little soft top got so covered it ended it something like this..

Okay it wasn't that bad but not having a 'real' roof means it gets very very cold inside and ice ends up forming on the inside of the screen. I spent 30 minutes scraping, defrosting and generally attacking the frosty leftovers on Thursday morning so i could put her in the garage. Where she is now very happily melting away any leftover wintery-ness! 

Speaking of cars. The boy has gone to pick up his new car today. If you ask me driving a low loader lorry for an hour and a half in this weather because you just can't wait to get your new car is madness, but atleast he'll be happy! 

In spite of all this snow related grumpiness, i am still hoping that i wake up to a fresh new scattering of white powder and have put my lack of enthusiasm down to the fact that i haven't had any daylight hours to play in it. Here's to a weekend of snowball fights with the sun peaking it's head out to join in! Alternatively i could just spend my weekend like this..

Either will be fine.

2 note(s)..:

  1. Haha, that picture of Homer at the bottom really looks just like me this morning! Great post :)


  2. Such a cute post, love the snow!





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