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Wednesday, January 2

Looking at everything my phone has been snapping at has worn me out. How come we fit so much into one month and suddenly it's all gone? 
How was everyone's Christmas? I thought i would empty the Instagram jar again and show you all my favourite snaps of the season..

Grizzle spent most of the month sniffing out his toys and whining continuinly once he knew where they were..

 My office was full of festive 'cough' cheer before we broke up. I had to wrap all these bad boys to send out to everyone. A day at work well spent! 

Hiding under the covers as the heating packed up for three days straight. This was not fun. I.Hate.The.Cold.

This is Ted.
Ted is my friend.
Ted comes to work with me everyday. 

The second best way to spend a cold winter evening is in bed with your onesie on..

..The best is getting cuddles from this little monster.

I treated myself to this new Filofax for 2013 after falling in love with the quilted leather. Look at her, doesn't she just scream 'I'm super organised and fancy and will most defiantly include important meetings'

Grizzle gets ready for his Christmas bath..

Me and P relived our youth by stopping in claire's accessories to try on silly glasses and take photos..

Dear Santa,
I knew i had been good all year for a good reason! 
Thank you Thank you Thank you
Love a very happy girly! 

Grizzle woke the house up on Christmas morning and couldn't wait to open his, and anyone else who would let hims, presents.

One very tired pup. Tuckered out from all the festivities, and apparently finding my clean washing a great place to nap.

Saying goodbye to a great year in my Missguided velvet dress. I had such trouble getting this in my mitts due to a faulty website and low stock, but finally she is mine and i wore her with pride for New Years.

Happy 2013 everyone! 

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