Friday, January 18

I've been hibernating.
Well not quite. I've still had to be at work every day despite the snow showers. Living so close to a direct route does have it's disadvantages, no getting lost in the sea of snow for me!
I have a very short attention span when it comes to snow. I love it for about two days if i'm allowed to play in it and then i grow tired of our relationship and my head wonders away to warm days sipping pimms near a BBQ. 

Grizzle on the other hand, is still in his first love flurry of excitement and happily bounds around any chance he can get. He skids on the ice, he ends up with snow in his eyes but he doesn't care, the snow is new and exciting and he just adores it! 

I much prefer to spend my evenings like this..

Since i don't use my TT for work i stupidly left it outside for three days, slowly letting the snow build up, then turning to ice, then being snowed on again, until my little soft top got so covered it ended it something like this..

Okay it wasn't that bad but not having a 'real' roof means it gets very very cold inside and ice ends up forming on the inside of the screen. I spent 30 minutes scraping, defrosting and generally attacking the frosty leftovers on Thursday morning so i could put her in the garage. Where she is now very happily melting away any leftover wintery-ness! 

Speaking of cars. The boy has gone to pick up his new car today. If you ask me driving a low loader lorry for an hour and a half in this weather because you just can't wait to get your new car is madness, but atleast he'll be happy! 

In spite of all this snow related grumpiness, i am still hoping that i wake up to a fresh new scattering of white powder and have put my lack of enthusiasm down to the fact that i haven't had any daylight hours to play in it. Here's to a weekend of snowball fights with the sun peaking it's head out to join in! Alternatively i could just spend my weekend like this..

Either will be fine.

Milk_Shake Whipped Cream

Tuesday, January 8

Some times i fail at being a girl.
I'm completely lazy when it comes to my hair on a day to day basis. 
The only times my hair sees a style that isn't a quick 5 minute rush in the morning is the weekends. So when it comes to products that are going to keep my hair healthy and looking good i try and find the best things that take little no time to tackle it.

I was first introduced to this by a friend of mine who stocked this in her salon. She brought me it as a birthday present and it was love at first sniff! 
The top is essentially a whip cream spout, making the product in side emerge like something delicious you could eat. The smell, although difficult to put your finger on, is a scent that makes you want to squeeze out the whole lot and hold to your nose for hours. It truly is mind blowing!

I simply squeeze some of the deliciously creamy foam into my palm, smell in it's loveliness and run it through freshly washed hair. It leaves my hair shiny and ever so soft with the glorious scent sticking around all day, i couldn't possibly try another leave in conditioner for it would be like cheating on an already perfect partner. 

If your looking for a non hassle leave in conditioner i would be amazed if you didn't love this so give it a try and tell me what you think! 

A stroll through Norfolk

Friday, January 4

There are those days.
The days between Christmas day and New years, where every day feels like boxing day and country folk take to long walks, shoots in the woods and meals out by the fire.
On this day we combined two of the above with a long walk along the beach and a hearty meal to fill our bellies! 

First stop, like everyone else in the world, we took a little stroll to the shops to see the sales. Fat face had a glorious collection and after some deep thought i scurried off the changing rooms, top in hand to talk myself out of buying it. A few twirls in the mirror later and i some how found myself at the till with my new top being wrapped up for me. At least it was on sale or i may have felt guilty.

After our quick stroll around we hopped in the trucks and headed to the beach. Donning all our warmest layers we headed out onto the yellow sand and let the fresh sea breeze hit our little red noses. 

Lola, our token dog, had a whale of a time running lengths of the beach after her little yellow ball..

..while everyone else walked in small groups discussing presents and highlights of their Christmas breaks. 

Soon our bellies were beginning to grumble, our hair was thoroughly windswept and we could no longer feel our toes so we turned around and trudged back to the cars.

Lola carried her ball the whole way back.

After a quick change out of our sandy dog walking gear we dragged ourselves in a lovely little pub called The Orange Tree for a glass of wine and a sit in front of the fire.

Which was complete with this little miss..

Her name was Molly and she was quite happy sitting by the fire and getting fuss from all of us. I tried my best to match make Grizzle but i don't think it was meant to be, sigh.. 

A drink or two later and we had ordered and were escorted to our table. I ordered the fish of the day with chips and mushy peas, which was brought out on a special wooden block. The whole meal was gorgeous but i would go back for those mushy peas alone! Deliciously minty without being too overpowering like most. 

Blazer - Tom Joules
Scarf - Burberry
Bag - Prada
Jeans - River Island
Watch - Marc Jacobs

P.S I have purposly cropped my face from this photo because.. well.. i hated it and didn't have enough time to take another. Oh to be effortlessly cool when it comes to photos! 

Prada Power

Introducing my own take on showing my christmas gifts to the world! 
The clean and control freak that i am, by the time boxing day rolls around all of my presents are put away and have their own space. I did, however, keep this one aside to show you all her full beauty..

..all hail my new Prada baby!

Ooo i can almost smell the buttery soft leather loveliness..

So here she is. 
After weeks of waiting to have her in my little paws i can now smell her and carry her around on my arm like the trophy she is. 
This is the stuff great love stories are made of me thinks. 

Isn't she beautiful?

So, do tell, what do you think? 
By the way the boy really went all out and brought those gorgeous bits of shoe love on the left, but since they are equally as special i will give them their own post soon!

Instagram Christmas

Wednesday, January 2

Looking at everything my phone has been snapping at has worn me out. How come we fit so much into one month and suddenly it's all gone? 
How was everyone's Christmas? I thought i would empty the Instagram jar again and show you all my favourite snaps of the season..

Grizzle spent most of the month sniffing out his toys and whining continuinly once he knew where they were..

 My office was full of festive 'cough' cheer before we broke up. I had to wrap all these bad boys to send out to everyone. A day at work well spent! 

Hiding under the covers as the heating packed up for three days straight. This was not fun. I.Hate.The.Cold.

This is Ted.
Ted is my friend.
Ted comes to work with me everyday. 

The second best way to spend a cold winter evening is in bed with your onesie on..

..The best is getting cuddles from this little monster.

I treated myself to this new Filofax for 2013 after falling in love with the quilted leather. Look at her, doesn't she just scream 'I'm super organised and fancy and will most defiantly include important meetings'

Grizzle gets ready for his Christmas bath..

Me and P relived our youth by stopping in claire's accessories to try on silly glasses and take photos..

Dear Santa,
I knew i had been good all year for a good reason! 
Thank you Thank you Thank you
Love a very happy girly! 

Grizzle woke the house up on Christmas morning and couldn't wait to open his, and anyone else who would let hims, presents.

One very tired pup. Tuckered out from all the festivities, and apparently finding my clean washing a great place to nap.

Saying goodbye to a great year in my Missguided velvet dress. I had such trouble getting this in my mitts due to a faulty website and low stock, but finally she is mine and i wore her with pride for New Years.

Happy 2013 everyone! 

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