Walks in the Winter

Wednesday, December 5

Some days there is nothing better than getting bundled up and taking a long walk with your favourite canine companion. Me & Grizzle like to get away from everyone else every now and again, him, sniffing leaves, running around in mud and chasing scents, me, strolling casually behind taking photos and enjoying the quiet.

 He looks so proud and happy strolling off in front on his own. Just occasionally turning round to make sure i'm still behind him..

'What are you looking at mum?'

This was the most unplanned self photo ever but i thought it looked quite cool anyway.

'Mum will you hurry up we have alot of grown to sniff!'

 Muddy little paws.

I've finally booked me and the boy into a fancy restaurant in Stamford this weekend. We got a very generous joint birthday present in the form of a voucher so we thought we would wait until it would be decked out for the holidays until we took the offer up. At a bit of a push i've managed to get the last spot, go me and my reservation skills! Now i just need to figure out what to wear that will be in line with their dress code, yes we have a dress code for the evening, i feel like a duchess already! 

On a weather note around Lincolnshire, It's freezing cold but apart from the odd bit of frost here and there we still have no snow to play in. In fact if i look out my window right now it's bright sunshine. I'm really hoping we have snow when i go on my Christmas break from work this year. Pretty please!

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  1. Your dog is absolutely gorgeous, I just want to give him a cuddle! x



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