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Monday, December 17

Well it's that time of year again.
The shopping is nearly done, the house is full of twinkling lights and we are all planning what we are doing and where we are spending the big day. 
The party season is well and truly in swing and that means one thing.. No not getting hammered on Shiraz and doing stupidly regrettable things with co-workers at the office Christmas party, oh no. 
It means finding that perfect little dress that will see us through Christmas and into the New Year looking as glamorous as we possibly can while holding in, sucking up and generally hiding those few extra pounds that we are not only destined to gain but that are also kind of welcome since nobody cares about watching what they eat when there is that much food around. If you do then 1.Why? and 2. You have more willpower than i, or anyone else i know.
Anyway lets get started with a a few quick little ideas of whats out there so we can all avoid turning our closets inside out looking for that dress that you just know you had, only to find that it doesn't look as good as it did last time around. 

Dress - Missguided 
Shoes - Newlook
Clutch - Riverisland
Eyeliner - YSL

It would be wrong on so many levels for me not to include this little velvet number since this is the dress that i currently have being wrapped up waiting for me. I'm overly excited to get this baby on my body and feel the velvety goodness! What screams Christmas more than green velvet? Green. Velvet. People. The sexy neckline and long sleeves are a perfect balance of faulting what you've got but still keeping yourself a little bit warmer than the average night owl, and if your anything like me you wont have felt the cold on your legs for years, maybe due to such regular exposure deadening your nerves? Merry Christmas!  
Finish it off with gold sparkling shoes and a clutch to match. A dramatic cat eye and nude lip and your good to go my little elf!

Dress - AX Paris
Purse - boohoo

What party season is complete without the little black dress, girls this dress is your friend. The sequins will instantly make you look slimmer and nip you in just in time for that extra round of mince pies! Pull the whole thing together with some red soles and a swipe of even redder lipstick. It's the ultimate in Christmas party attire so wear it with pride.

Dress - Nasty Gal 
Shoes - Riverisland
Necklace - Topshop
Liner - Bobbi Brown

Ah the peplum. It's taken up a space in all of our hearts at some time or another, the little girly touch that hides a multitude of sins. I will always think that red is the ultimate christmas colour, so i couldn't not include this cleavage baring, peplum waisted beauty. Let the dress do the talking with simple black shoes and statement collar necklace and your sure to wow everyone in the room whatever size you are. 

So there you go, just a little guide from MIB to get you started. Now if you excuse me i'm going to look out for the postman from my letter box...again. 

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