Lush's Little Breath of Fresh Air

Wednesday, December 5

I'm a firm believer in a good daily skin care routine. It's just what we need after an exhausting day to cleanse not only our skin but our minds too. I don't feel settled and ready for bed unless my face has been thoroughly removed of clogs, dirt and makeup. 

So i wanted to take a minute and talk to everyone, who like me, believes if we look after our skin now it will reward us in the future! I think toner's are a must have in everyone's routine, simply because they help tighten and close pores after all that cleansing, stopping nasty stuff getting back in and they help restore your skins natural pH levels. Plus this one contains Carrageen seaweed and aloe gel, which all sounds very natural and posh.

The Breath of Fresh air is designed to soften and hydrate the skin has one of those memory tugging smells. You spray it and you are instantly taken back to that time at the sea side when the summers were boiling and you were running around bare foot in a bikini. To me anything that can make me think of happy times is a good product to own. I spray this on a cotton wool pad and wipe across my face after washing & cleansing, it leaves my skin feeling lovely and refreshed with a hint summer holiday yumminess.

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