Lazy Winter Weekends

Monday, December 3

To think how quickly the weekend ended, i stop and wonder what we actually did.. the answer? Not a great deal. Do i mind? Hell no! Sometimes you need a weekend where you do hardly anything but mess around in the winter sunshine.
  Admiring the Autumn leaves in the afternoon sun. It may have looked warm but it was freezing, i wrapped up in my Russian hat and about a million layers! 

 Getting the quad bike going so we could do this..
 ..ride through the mud and ice! Off-roading the best way possible. I love the countryside.
 Trying to defrost Louis by following the sunshine around. We are those people you see dressed up in blankets, hats and scarves with the roof down on freezing but still sunny days like this, if you don't have a convertible you will never understand..
 Festive prep! This lady is a genius and turned all this into three very special christmas wreaths, complete with twinkle lights and everything.

On Friday i took a day off work and headed for Biscester village. Which is the most confusing name to pronounce ever, think bisto gravy bisss-ter and not Bi-cess-ter, which is how i kept saying it, My aim was not to spend too much although once i walked into Prada i found myself lost in buttery leather heaven and promptly went back three times before i settled on an ever so special and lovely Christmas gift! I tried to pull myself away, i tried to move on and find something else but i just couldn't, even the delights of Mulberry's Bayswater leather tote could not fill the hole in my heart that Prada had left behind, so in 23 days i will be reunited with my new love and it shall be an endless bond. 

Anyway be still my beating heart and lets talk about Biscester village again for a minute. Anyone who loves a dabble in the designer world must take the trip armed with plenty of cash because you will fall in love with everything. Since it is an outlet village, there is a bargain to be had but these are still big brands so don't expect to score Jimmy Choo's for £70 because your expectations are completely unreal and you will be left very disappointed. Also if you hate shopping in shops like Primark because it's always messy and is always packed to the rafters with lines the length of the shop then you are either best to completely avoid, or prepare yourself highly, for Ralph Lauren! Imagine Primark with a label and that's what happened.. I brought nothing in the end because the womens section was like trying to scale a mountain in Louboutins carrying a years worth of shopping.. Sigh.

How did you spend your weekend?

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