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Tuesday, December 11

With all the festivities around us i thought it high time i showed you what my little iphone has been up to lately before it is filled with photo's of glitter, turkey and presents! 

I got my hair re-coloured a fair bit darker so what better way to show it off by pulling a peace sign and a duck face. 

Extremely guilty pleasure. Hell who am i kidding.. i don't even feel guilty!

I got some killer new badass shoes! I just love them...

Little shopping treats..

..and getting ready for the trip.

Everyone meet Buck, Buck meet everyone. Buck holds my necklaces & enjoys looking pretty.

My new winter scarf came. She's so dreamy.

Just a typical Sunday drive, sometimes you can't beat it. 

If any one found my phone they would wonder about me and P ??

Inside the best bathroom ever ever! 
Blazer by Forever 21, Bag by Rebecca Minktoff, Watch by Marc Jacobs.

Russian Santa Dolls! Is there a better decoration than 7 santas that all fit inside each other?! I don't think so either. 

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