A Little Christmas Dining Adventure

Monday, December 10

Christmas is getting so close i can almost smell the turkey roasting and the wine mulling. 
Way back in June me & the boy were given a very generous gift voucher for a meal at The George Of Stamford Hotel. We drove past this magnificent stone building many times before but this was the first time we took to our smartest clothes and booked in for a meal. 

Stanford is famous for it's stone built buildings and is such a beautiful old fashioned town. It holds many prestigious events throughout the year such as The Burghley Horse Trials, and this lovely restaurant is no stranger to the type of clientele who enjoy £100 bottles of champagne, waiters in the finest suits and dressing head to toe in no less than Ralph Lauren & Barbour. 

The whole place was decorated down to the last detail with christmas cheer and sparkle. It's the perfect place to get you in the Holiday spirit. Trees covered in twinkling lights and cascading icicles, fire places hung with wreaths and candles, and even santa's boots popping out the bottom of the chimneys. 

Now for the best part.. the food! 

 The boy had lobster, already cracked open to avoid any messiness and ready to be eaten.
I had Sirloin Beef with all the trimmings. The beef was brought over in a serving dish the size of our table, the suited and booted waiter asked how i would like my meat and opened up the huge oval trolley and cut me some slices, then lathered it in gravy.

 It would appear The Boy's photography skills wanted to resemble my head the next morning!
The wine was beautiful. 

 I'm never a massive sweet fan, i find my eyes being to big for my stomach usually have got the better of me by this time, but since it was a special evening i couldn't resist this chocolate log when the waitress sashayed over with the dessert trolley. 
I would completely recommend if you are a chocolate fan, it was the perfect balance of  creamy chocolate heaven without being overly sickly. 
The boy had chocolate profiteroles.

 After you've been left fully stuffed and satisfied, make sure to visit the loo's for a little makeup touch up and to check you aren't covered in the remnants of your food binge.

 Wooden beams, makeup desk, a chaise longue and murals on the walls make this one of the best bathrooms i have ever set foot in. I spent so long playing in here and looking at everything that The Boy started to wonder if i had gotten lost, i did but not the entire time! Boys apparently yours isn't as fancy, but then again it could be that The Boy didn't take notice.

After we had been lulled into a food coma and washed everything down with a tipple of Shiraz  we took to the crisp night air to stroll through the gorgeously decorated gardens.
I saw more Christmas trees on this one night than i have seen all year. There were rows and rows of twinkle lights in the darkness..

..we even spotted some deer. Okay they were made from wicker but they were still equally as special. 

Of course i couldn't not get a quick snap of myself next to something dripping in ice.. 
Even if my camera does appear to be drunk by this point.  
I'm wearing AA Disco Pants, Forever 21 Blazer, Louboutins, and Rebecca Minktoff Clutch.
The awkward pose is by Shiraz Red Wine and Models own! 

If any of you are visiting Stanford i recommend stopping by, but do make a reservation if you want to eat, and get it in early! 

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