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Wednesday, November 7

I love taking photo's of what's happening in my life but sometimes my big camera stays at home so my iPhone takes over. Here's what he's been up to. (mis_maneata)

I took a lovely trip into Lincoln the other weekend for Harvest Festival. We wondered around little shops & the market near the Cathedral, stopped off for cups of tea in a charming little bakery & then did a spot of shopping. It was the perfect way to spend an Autumn Saturday. 

Me & the boy had a pumpkin carving competition on Halloween, via picture message. I decided to make mine into a girl pumpkin, I think his was better though, just don't tell him i said that!  

We got new tiles in our kitchen. Under strict instructions not to walk over the freshly layed tiles Grizzle takes no notice & sits in the middle of them.. 

I took a road trip to see my ever so lovely friend A over the Humber Bridge, this was the morning after. The sun was shining, my roof was down and i had a thermos the size of my head to keep my hangover at bay!  

Rainy evenings are all about snuggling in bed with some candles, fairy lights, fluffy socks and your favourite show on the box. 

Being silly with my Halloween Stiletto nails & red lipstick. Eyelashes are Ardell Lashes in 105

Grizzle just loves me when i dress him up for Halloween..this year he went as catdogman.

Pineapple hair.. reminding me of Spongebobs house.

Took Grizzle for an afternoon walk. Spent all the time trying to get a photo of him on my fancy camera, which didn't include him running around or cocking his leg. Camera dies. He finally comes straight over to me & sits like this. Typical.

The other night my tanning mitt evaporated in my hand mid way through my tan. I wrapped up & headed to Tesco, with no makeup on & one tanned arm! After moving my car three times, twice i parked in disabled spots and i couldn't risk it, i practically ran to the beauty isle to find...No mitts! Luckily a lovely lady was stacking the shelves & i ask if she had any to put out, she didn't but went to the back to find me one. She arrived 5 minutes later with three because she wasn't sure which colour i wanted! What an Angel

My very favourite Sex & the City scene. 
"Your girl is lovely Hubble" "I don't get it?" "& you never did.."
"..then i realised maybe it was Big who couldn't break me...Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed, maybe they need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with"

I've decided to make some major changes to how this blog is so i hope you all stick by me a little until i work out the in's & out's of it. This blog will now be much more of a lifestyle blog than it was before & soon the name will be changing. Since i have so many giveaways that i've entered i'm going to wait until they all run there course until i make final changes so as not to confuse anyone. Keep checking back for more details.

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