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Tuesday, November 27

Since Christmas is just around the corner and we are all getting a little excited about the prospects of the big day i thought i would take the conventional boys list, girls list and turn it on it's head a tad. We all want Christmas to be done right so who ever your buying for, i'm sure you can find at least one item that will relate to someone, be it that annoying person who always says 'i don't want anything' or the uncle you only see three times a year but who always sends you something. Lets get started shall we..

The first of December must, must, must start with the opening of the advent calender! I'm lucky and i usually have three. Lucky or greedy, you decide. I just like chocolate! If anyone wants to get me one this one will do me fine.

Who, who, doesn't love Lindt chocolate? I would like to meet the person who doesn't so i can hold them down and force feed them to said person until they agree with me. This one is just £3.99 and features everything iconic about the brand, the reindeer, the santa's and those ever so gorgeous Lindt balls! Some of this may contain Nuts so if your ever so unlucky to have allergies go for something else..

For the Apple Whore..

We all have one close to us don't we, you know, the person who lives by the newest iphone has the ipod, the mac, everything. Well keep them happy with the newest edition. I present the £269, smaller than an ipad but bigger than an iphone, i mean.. the ipad mini

For the candle lover..

Diptyque have brought out a range of holiday candles. This little gift set would be the perfect gift for those who love snuggling under a blanket with the candles burning and the fire roaring. Holiday Coffret £60.00

For the bookworm..

With prices ranging from £69 upwards you can't go wrong with a Kindle for the person in your life who never puts down the book! I know 4 people in my life who are hoping to have this wrapped up under their tree so i'm sure one of you will know someone too.

For the newly weds..

..or for those loved up couples who feed each other in restaurants and subject us to regular PDA's. What's neat about these is they are personalised, and I love a bit of personalisation! £36 from NOTH 

For the avid planner, list writer, general busy bee..

Being somewhat all of the said above, i fall into this category perfectly and think that this would be a great gift for the one you know to be the same, or anyone who wants to send me one? Anyone? The scribble house do these great little leather diary's with perfect amount of writing room for your daily tasks/list/meetings etc, and in your chose of colours to fit everyone! £49 from ScribbleHouse

For the sharp dresser..

What guy doesn't need a classic black, designer coat? Not one i want to meet that's for sure! £94.50 from Debenhams 

For the tan lover..
Give someone the gift of a winter glow! St Tropaz have brought out this lovely little kit to do just that and with a ever handy carry bag too. £30.00 from Boots

For the fasionista..

Ah Mulberry how i love thee.. Make someone very happy with this medium Lily bag, i know i would be very happy to receive this from Santa. £795 from Mulberry 

For the cosy connoisseur.. 

What's better than Christmas morning spent opening presents in your onesie? Christmas morning spent opening presents in your onesie with your OH in theirs,looking like two animal fancy dress rejects that's what! Both £30. Both Riverisland.

For the baking fanatic..

Give them a handy little place to jot all their new recipes down, plus it's personalised! Maybe then they will share their tasty treats with you a whole lot more. The gift that keeps on giving! £9.95 from NOTH

For the pets of your life..

Your dog will love you for getting him/her into the christmas spirit too! How cute are these little reindeer outfits! Imagine 7 dogs all dressed up in these outfits, running around on Christmas day, reindog army! Petsathome £9.00 and when that's worn off you could just buy them one of these..

Ya know, just so you can eat your turkey without a begging pup at your side.  

So there we have it, i think i have alot covered there, but if you need anymore ideas then just ask and i'm sure we can find something! Just do me one favour though.. Please don't call it Chrimbo! It's Christmas people and Christmas is no time for slack words! Thank you.  
What do you want for Christmas?

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