Cambridge Trip

Monday, November 12

On Saturday me & the boy drove down to Cambridge to meet up with his parents for the day. After setting off late, as usual, getting lost twice, as usual, and having to rush through the town to make our reservations, again, we managed to get to Jamie Oliver's Italian in time. With all our rushing about i completely forgot to take a photo of outside the beautiful building, so google get's the credit for the first image. 
The restaurant itself is situated in an old library on Wheeler Street and the place is A.MAZING! The architecture is so wonderful, just look at that ceiling. 

For starters we ordered a little of everything to pick and try. Most of those things were far to hot for me but i manged to even it out with a lovely selection of bread dipped in olive oil. For my main i had a version of steak salad, no idea how to pronounce it, but the steak was cooked beautifully and arrived on a very large plate. 

Since our main objective of visiting Cambridge was for the meal, yes we will drive nearly two hours just to go to a restaurant, the majority of our sight seeing was from the car window, which i hate, the other half was lazily walking around after dark, which i love but my little iphone wasn't up to taking photo's of that. 

We did spot this man doing some kind of jiu jitsu/tae kwon do/yoga on the pavement. I have no idea why he was doing it there, he didn't even have anything with him but it was entertaining to watch none the less. 

I did manage to get in a few shops before they close, Lush being one of them. The buildings in Cambridge are so amazing & hopefully next time we will get to explore it much more! 

N.B Sorry for the iphone photos! I didn't fancy carrying my camera around when we were already on such a whirlwind trip as it was..

How did you spend your weekend?

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  1. This looks like you had an awesome day. Great photos! I love your blog, just stumbled on it via someone else's!

    Hope to see you over at mine

    Georgi xx



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